Jatheon's Enterprise Grade Email Archiving Appliance: award winning engineering and fully scalable for organizations of all sizes. On-premise hardware and software delivering fast, secure and powerful email archiving and eDiscovery so‎lutions.

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Winner of InfoTech’s Email Archiving Value Champion Award.

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Jatheon provides world-class email archiving solutions at the best cost: Value Champion Award Winner!
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WASHINGTON (AP) – Eight federal employees connected to the tea party investigation experienced hard drive crashes, resulting in…

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Jatheon Provides First Class Email Archiving Solution at a Best Cost: Value Champion Award Winner!

The Jatheon Solution features a scalable email archiving appliance & software for compliance, eDiscovery, storage & policy management. Jatheon’s Email Archiving Software easily integrates with Microsoft Exchange Server, Office365, Lotus Notes, Outlook Archiving, Novell GroupWise and Google Apps. Features include: MS Outlook Plugin, Remote System Monitoring, 
 Full Indexing & Archiving, Message Compression, Single Instance Storage, Search & Retrieval, Retention Policy, Legal Hold, Tamper Proof OS & Storage, Comprehensive Audit Trail and more.