Jatheon’s Plug n Comply™ technology provides organizations the tools to efficiently respond to litigation requests:

  • Removes the dependency on your IT department to locate and retrieve email
  • Provides easy access to data by using an intuitive web interface
  • Offers a solution for the litigation support process, allowing for classification of records and collaboration among internal discovery users including outside counsel
  • Provides powerful, efficient and high volume searching capability – includes the capability of searching by keywords, phrases, conversations or topics.
  • Produces evidence by mass exporting to PDF, LDAP, or PST formats

Legal Discovery Challenges

An email archiving system is fully searchable, greatly simplifying the eDiscovery process. Consider a scenario in which a lawsuit is pending and all emails connected with a particular client are being reviewed, by your lawyers, the opposing party’s lawyers, or both. What can take months of billable hours by a team of lawyers and IT professionals can literally take minutes through a keyword search of an email archive.

In this scenario, three outcomes are possible:

Bad News

A “smoking gun” email, IM, or user file is found that implicates the company or confirms its guilt.

Good News

An email, IM, or user file is found that proves the company is innocent of wrongdoing in the case.

No News

No confirmation of guilt or innocence is found.

In all three outcomes, early knowledge is the key. If bad news is indeed uncovered, it’s to the company’s advantage to know this early on. Often the strategy is to settle on the case, thereby saving on legal fees. If good news is the result, this can quickly be shared with legal advisors for the opposition, who may opt to end the lawsuit. If no critical information is found, the company can proceed as necessary, secure in the knowledge that there will be no hidden surprises along the way.

eDiscovery – How It Works

Jatheon offers a comprehensive eDiscovery capability with all appliance models. There is nothing additional to purchase. The advanced searchability of the data contained in the archive allows authorized parties, such as Compliance Officers and lawyers, to review and export messages either in PST format or as a Portable Document File (PDF).

Searches are performed on the metadata as well as all of the message data including attachments such as word documents, excel files and PDF’s.

The Compliance Officer also has the ability to place messages in a “Legal Hold” where the message data is preserved for legal or regulator review.

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